Believe it or not, AOSC has been around for quite some time now, we do want more people to know about us, and those who we are grateful to. AOSC will never take its shape today without the support from our lovely community and our generous sponsors.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program. – Linus Torvalds


Early Days

AOSC, short for Anthon Open Source Community, is a F/OSS focused community first established by Mingcong (Jeff) Bai and his classmates in 2011, initially with an intention to create a more easy-to-use Linux distribution with better CJK language support, they started the AnthonOS (later known as AOSC OS) project - the first, and still the largest project of the community.

The community was never in its structure like what it is today before the end of year 2012, when the community was structured like a corporate development team. The community was formed from the nearly schattered team named "Anthon.Dev", due to lack of a common goal and severely bureaucratic system of members.

Forming a community, AOSC began to include projects other than AOSC OS itself - started and maintained by community members. First of which being the Anthon Starter (later AST's Startup Toolkit) for installing AOSC OS from Windows.

Our common goal

AOSC's one and only pursuit is for the advancement of open technologies that benefits technology users like us who work for the community, and you who enjoys results from our effort.

How we work

We do not endorse or suggest any form of physical or finanical income or reward for our own work. We believe that volunteered work and deliberate contribution is the most effective form for our community's sustainability.

What we disapprove

As a technology-based community, we disapprove any form of:

  • Unscientific or unprofessional behaviors in development work;
  • Unethical use of other's work, including those protected under terms of commercial licenses;
  • Political discussion in any of our mailing list and chatting groups;
  • Discrimination of any kind against individuals of different political, social, and racial standpoints;



  • AOSC OS Packages

    A catalog of packages available for AOSC OS.

  • Community Repository

    Our community repository server, where AOSC OS installation medias, tarballs, packages, project documentation, etc. are stored.

  • Mirror Status

    Take a look at current mirror synchronization and availability information.

  • Mailing Lists

    Community mailing lists for discussions, advisories, and announcements.

  • IRC Channel

    Get in touch with the community.

  • Google+

    Learn about newest news and happenings in and around AOSC.

  • Hermes WebMail

    Our WebMail service for AOSC developers and contributors.

  • Public Clipboard

    Our public clipboard service (or pastebin) that you can use for all your clippy needs.