Creators, contributors, half-trolls.

Our community and its numerous projects are created and maintained by ordinary people like us. We may have different occupations, but our goals are common - to create better tools and platforms for people like you to enjoy. What we believe in is openness and the freedom of expression in code - and that anyone has the right and capacity to participate in our community.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program. – Linus Torvalds


Mingye Wang (artoria2e5)

Magical catgirl without a focus.

Artoria’s lack of focus has dragged AOSC into upstreaming much more than code. A terrible feline being herself, Artoria usually pokes at something, and then leaves it for everyone else at AOSC. Her curiosity hasn’t killed herself yet. (We are buffled by the fact that Artoria, as a cat, enjoys drinking Coffiest for breakfast: cats are not supposed to consume caffeine.) According to Artoria, drawing SVGs, participating in “electronic activism”, setting up weird rules, and reinventing wheels is much more interesting than doing real work.

Sijie Bu (butangmucat)

Self-claimed art student. No availability guarantee.

Technically computer science major, but passion in photography and media. Railfan. Disagrees with "M$ is evil. " Would rather choose Microsoft over Apple. Uses Linux because can't master and can't afford Windows Server. Zsh rocks. Lennartware rocks. DNG rocks. Operates part of the AOSC IT infrastructure (on I cannot afford Red Hat subscription). A complete list of packages I maintain is on the detail page. Also known as: kawasaki_kagami, kawasaki_sakura, kawasaki_rumi, and kawasaki_iori on Freenode.

Rongwei Lin (colin4124)

Fight for freedom of software.Just for fun!

Free and Open Source Software enthusiast. "Mastering Emacs is not the goal, it's the path." -- A happy Emacs user. I'm working on Open Source CPU now, although my contribution is quite small. I hope that one day we could build a "open-source" computer both hardware and software.

Tianhao Chai (cthbleachbit)

b.k.a. cth451

A human that got stuck between byte streams and atoms. Addicted to bash overdosage, AOSC, Android x86 and Steam.

Ma Kai (ekd123)

One of the daily AOSC OS users

Major in computer science and use AOSC OS every day. Sometimes do some package work for AOSC.

Jiaxun Yang (flygoat)

Just a chinese junior 3 student

Description is cheap, show me your code.

Anonymous Chen (jiegec)

Yet another Senior 3 student. Love Emacs more than Vim.

A typical Chinese student busy preparing for College Entrance Examination. Currently the main maintainer of MacGesture. Few contributions are made to the AOSC project.

Everette Rong (LER0ever)

Faithful Listener | Cool-headed Geek | Mind Swimmer | Ever-Loner | THE Software Magician

Long desc is not necessary for a guy like me who lives in the void.

Junde Yhi (lmy441900)

Just for fun.

Our goal is: consuming power.

Mingcong Bai (mingcongbai)

Heck, what have I started?

Formerly known as Jeff Bai (before I decided to go with my real name). ThinkPad and vintage computer enthusiast. Photography hobbist. Software localization volunteer. "World beyond x86" advocate. Maintainer of AOSC OS package updates, and various ports.


An experimental animal who aspires to think, to work, and to create value.

It is this misaka's shame of laziness that hardly did this misaka work for AOSC or other parts of the whole free software community. This misaka now realizes that a parasite of society still has the right to change and start to do three little things for the community. This misaka will begin to fulfill its repo, let us wait and see.

KayMW (redl0tus)

A salted fish.

Watering all the time. Yet another jelly-eater.

ZjeuhPiung Liu (sophgn)

A finance undergraduate who knows little about programming.

Corrected a typo for aosc-os-abbs long ago.(

Staph. aureus (stephdc)

The programming Prokayotes in Anthon Optical Storage Center

Maintainer of the Anthon Optical Storage Center with profession in renaming AOSC to fit other purposes. Want an Easter Egg? Ask me for some idea.

Ziqian SUN (sztsian)

Can I break your software?

Also known as Zamir SUN (if you can not speak my real name). Tester and coder sometimes.

Leslie Zhai (xiangzhai)

The father of little Ray.

As a fan of Leslie Cheung, I chose "Leslie" as my English name when I was a High school student in Wisco No.3 Middle School; As a KDE developer, I am maintaining K3B, also submitted some patches for KF5 and Plasma; As a LLVM hacker, I taught the analyzer about Glib API to check Memory-leak.